New Camera News - The Onion for the photographic industry by Luke Cartledge

New Camera News is a site I recently came upon that acts as a parody of other news sites that relentlessly throw out all the press releases that any photographic company puts out. It is in the same vein as The Onion in its relatively indiscriminate skewering of all things photography.The content can be a little hit and miss but it is at least worth a look.

Online Lighting Diagram Tool by Luke Cartledge

OLDC_01Here is a useful tool that could really help plan, test and record your lighting setups. The Online Lighting Diagram Creator (OLDC) provides a simple interface in which you can relatively quick put together a plan view of a lighting setup that you have used or want to try. This would be great for photographers wanting to help their assistants to understand what they want and for assistants to record lighting setups that they have used and want to use again.

The interface provides lots of options and items for you to place around the work area. There is a good selection of lights and modifiers available for the smaller setups. However there is a glaring lack of tungsand some of the more modern flash kits, including Breise, are missing.

In general though this is a nice, free tool that could easily help photographers and assistants alike.

Eyeist: The first cloud based portfolio review service by Luke Cartledge

The Value of Expert Feedback from Eyeist on Vimeo.

Eyeist was recently featured on Technorati as a breakthrough site providing cloud-based creative photography reviews. Technorati goes into some detail regarding the very clever technology behind Eyeist that allows independently scale and interact with images within their own browsers at whatever resolution they are able to produce.

What I think is possibly of more interest is both the overall cost of the service and the reviewers that have been gathered under . These include Esquire, the VII Photo Agency, Getty Images and PhotoShelter. A basic portfolio review costs and can go up to for a full portfolio editing and sequencing session. They also provide services for website reviews and live online reviews.

I think that this is a great service that provides something far superior to the ofthat can be on offer at some galleries and industry shows.


(via Technorati and Petapixel)