The product photographer who shoots for Apple by Luke Cartledge

Over at The Verge there is great little interview with Peter Belanger, who, among other clients, works for Apple. He has produced a large number of the product shots that are used by the company on their website and in advertising.

There are some great quotes and a few insights into his preferred methods for high-end still-life shoots.

It’s similar to working on a file in Photoshop: you don’t do all your work on one layer. I think of my lights as layers that I can adjust individually to get the desired results.

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Sylights - Another Lighting Diagram Tool by Luke Cartledge

Sylights Lighting Diagrams Following on from my earlier post about the Online Lighting Diagram Creator, I was passed a link to Sylights.

Sylights is another, more rounded and beautifully built lighting diagram editor. It comes as the standard web-based application and as a universal (iPhone & iPad) iOS app. To top it all the app is also free and can be downloaded here.

The website is extremely simple to use and has an extensive area of user-generated diagrams. These come with example shots and even some notes. The database of diagrams is searchable and can be filtered with many criteria. This makes it a good research tool, as well as a record of your own setups.


(via Damien Looney @ Little Yellow Jacket)

Online Lighting Diagram Tool by Luke Cartledge

OLDC_01Here is a useful tool that could really help plan, test and record your lighting setups. The Online Lighting Diagram Creator (OLDC) provides a simple interface in which you can relatively quick put together a plan view of a lighting setup that you have used or want to try. This would be great for photographers wanting to help their assistants to understand what they want and for assistants to record lighting setups that they have used and want to use again.

The interface provides lots of options and items for you to place around the work area. There is a good selection of lights and modifiers available for the smaller setups. However there is a glaring lack of tungsand some of the more modern flash kits, including Breise, are missing.

In general though this is a nice, free tool that could easily help photographers and assistants alike.