New Camera News - The Onion for the photographic industry by Luke Cartledge

New Camera News is a site I recently came upon that acts as a parody of other news sites that relentlessly throw out all the press releases that any photographic company puts out. It is in the same vein as The Onion in its relatively indiscriminate skewering of all things photography.The content can be a little hit and miss but it is at least worth a look.

Adobe Creative Suite becomes Creative Cloud, goes subscription only by Luke Cartledge

adobe-CreativeCloud_Logo At the company's MAX conference, on Monday, Adobe announced the major change to it's Creative Suite of applications, from boxed or downloaded set to an online only model called Creative Cloud. From July the only way to purchase Photoshop and all the other applications in the suite will be via a monthly subscription model. This is a major from the past and comes with both good and bad points.

the change is that Adobe should be able to update applications on a more continual basis. This moves Adobe away from the traditional and allows Adobe to add improvements when they become available. Testing new features and technologies could become far quicker as Adobe will be able to receive live feedback and bug reports.


The Creative Cloud subscription service already has over half a million subscribers after an initial roll-out last year, together with Creative Suite 6. However the new service will come with some potentially very useful integrated features. Every individual subscriber will receive cloud storage that connects the traditional applications with apps like Photoshop Touch for the iPad and other devices. Full access to a Behance account is included which provides a simple platform to publish and share your work.

For Adobe the new model will also change the landscape regarding piracy. Photoshop has long been pirated pieces of software worldwide and with this change it will become much harder to do. I will make no

all this is that here in the UK we appear to be paying something of a premium again. Where as in US the monthly subscription runs to (£, on this side of the pond we will be paying £46.88/month. There has always been a disparity between the price of Adobe products in different worldwide territories. However originally the company justified this with things like taxes, customs duties and other marketing expenses. I fail to see, however, where the near 46% difference can come from when everything is delivered and supported in the cloud.

Kodak selling film, paper & imaging business in deal worth $2.8 Billion by Luke Cartledge

The second big piece of news from last week regards Kodak and the company's on going financial troubles. Since August last year Kodak has been looking for some Personal Imaging and Document Imaging divisions. The Personal Imaging division includes camera film and photographic papers, while Document Imaging includes scanners.

There is a lot of detail regarding the specific financials of the deal between the Eastman Kodak company and U.K. Kodak Pension Plan (KPP), which, to be honest, is pretty dull. However the quote below from Steven Ross, Chairman of KPP should give some relief to those who still use Kodak films and papers.

“The businesses that we are acquiring will deliver long-term cash flows to support the plan’s obligations. The financial stability that KPP will provide for the Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging businesses will be beneficial to those businesses’ employees, customers and partners.”

End of the Line for the Hasselblad 503CW by Luke Cartledge

There were two really big pieces of news last week. The first of which, and probably the most directly affecting to the industry, comes from Hasselblad. They announced that they were ceasing production of the 503CW body. This move by Hasselblad, which comes into immediate effect, means that V System line comes to an end. The V system has been in production for over a half century and, with the extensive V System range of interchangeable lenses, formed the company's original camera line.

Interestingly when the V System name did not come into being until after the release of the H System, at which point the company wanted to come up with a way to distinguish it from the new line.

This leaves Hasselblad with the just the H System of cameras and accessories, and the soon-to-be-released Lunar Series of mirror-less cameras.

Sylights - Another Lighting Diagram Tool by Luke Cartledge

Sylights Lighting Diagrams Following on from my earlier post about the Online Lighting Diagram Creator, I was passed a link to Sylights.

Sylights is another, more rounded and beautifully built lighting diagram editor. It comes as the standard web-based application and as a universal (iPhone & iPad) iOS app. To top it all the app is also free and can be downloaded here.

The website is extremely simple to use and has an extensive area of user-generated diagrams. These come with example shots and even some notes. The database of diagrams is searchable and can be filtered with many criteria. This makes it a good research tool, as well as a record of your own setups.


(via Damien Looney @ Little Yellow Jacket)