The product photographer who shoots for Apple by Luke Cartledge

Over at The Verge there is great little interview with Peter Belanger, who, among other clients, works for Apple. He has produced a large number of the product shots that are used by the company on their website and in advertising.

There are some great quotes and a few insights into his preferred methods for high-end still-life shoots.

It’s similar to working on a file in Photoshop: you don’t do all your work on one layer. I think of my lights as layers that I can adjust individually to get the desired results.

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Repton Boxing Club, London by Luke Cartledge

20130425-190810.jpg So yesterday's location was Repton Boxing Club on Chesire Street in Bethnal Green, London. I used to live not far from this location and was vaguely aware of it's existence, but had no idea how good it looked inside. This place was plastered in old posters, photographes and drawings. We also got incredibly lucky, as this was probably the first warm, sunny day of the year. The light inside was amazing with the huge skylights and with the old windows along the Southern wall casting spots along the floor.

Really great, but quite short (we had to be out by day there and would recommend it to anysimilar.





















A Short Documentary and Primer on how the UK's Anti-Terrorism laws affect photography and video of Police by Luke Cartledge

Act of Terror from Fat Rat Films on Vimeo.
Documentary director and producer Gemma Atkinson produced this film in response to the ordeal she had to go through after being threatened with charges under the UK's Anti-Terrorism laws. Since September, especially, the London bombings in 2005, successive UK governments have steadily increased the powers afforded to the police in the continued fight against terrorism. For photographers and anyph, Section added inimportant. This provision made it illegal to film or photograph a police officer in the pursuit of their duty if the recording was likely to be useful to a terrorist. This section has now been changed in part due to the campaigning of Gemma Atkinson.
Gemma's campaign began after she was threatened, under section , for videoing the Stop-and-Search of her boyfriend at Aldgate East underground station, London.
This is a great piece, shining a light on the current confusion and over-reach that these laws have come to be. To this day there is still confusion and mixed interpretations. The Metropolitan Police has posted a summary of it's own advice, however this appears to be interpreted differently on various documented occasions.
Act of Terror
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Eyeist: The first cloud based portfolio review service by Luke Cartledge

The Value of Expert Feedback from Eyeist on Vimeo.

Eyeist was recently featured on Technorati as a breakthrough site providing cloud-based creative photography reviews. Technorati goes into some detail regarding the very clever technology behind Eyeist that allows independently scale and interact with images within their own browsers at whatever resolution they are able to produce.

What I think is possibly of more interest is both the overall cost of the service and the reviewers that have been gathered under . These include Esquire, the VII Photo Agency, Getty Images and PhotoShelter. A basic portfolio review costs and can go up to for a full portfolio editing and sequencing session. They also provide services for website reviews and live online reviews.

I think that this is a great service that provides something far superior to the ofthat can be on offer at some galleries and industry shows.


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