Sharpie "Liquid Pencil" announced. / by Luke Cartledge

I am trying to work out just how excited I am about the announcement by Sharpie of their newest invention. The "Liquid Pencil". This looks like a pretty cool invention. The traditional Sharpie marker pen is pretty much a prerequisite piece of kit for most photographers assistants. They can write on pretty much anything permanently and have been used to mark up everything from rolls of film to your personal Evian bottle for years.

I'm not sure that this pen/pencil hybrid will see as much use as the original Sharpie marker. I think it will end up as something more like a niche, but I could be wrong. Still it is something I would like to get my hands on and try out.

Here is the link to Sharpie's blog, announcing the "Liquid Pencil" –

My thanks to John Gruber @ Daring Fireball for this find.